Chihippo Creations

Narrative Mysteries:
The Case of Adam Mortis

Designed by lecturers at Kanda University of International Studies, this narrative-focused game has been created to be used in your EFL/ESL reading and writing class.

Narrative Mysteries: The Case of Adam Mortis is an exciting interactive narrative that places you into the shoes of a detective. Once you’ve created your unique character, you and a partner will try to unravel the case of a missing university professor by interviewing multiple witnesses and conducting searches through the eyes of your detective.

You will also gain valuable practice in:

  Reading for key information
  Writing in the narrative genre.

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As you play the game, each game session will focus your attention on:

  The Narrative Arc
  Indirect Characterization
  Descriptive Writing
  Narrative Perspective
  Casual Language
  Tense-Aspect in Narrative Discourse.


 The creators designed this game to be used with free supplemental classroom materials (available via links in the app and  HERE ) that help guide your students as they work to solve the mystery.


This game features:
  Language control appropriate for
       intermediate-level ESL/EFL learners
  Multiple collaboration and discussion
       opportunities during each play session
  Project-based learning through
       story completion
  Simple design and visuals
  A multiliteracy approach to
       reading and writing
  An opportunity for students to express
       their creativity by writing a unique
       conclusion to the mystery.